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There have been many attempts to describe Ale, mostly resulting in just partial descriptions. Born and organically raised in Italy, he considers himself, among many other things a creative, an explorer, and occasionally a photographer.


His visual mind, writing, and problem-solving skills got him hired by several big ad agencies. In 2010 he moves to NYC to keep working as Creative Director.


In 2016 he takes a break from the ad world, to focus on professional portrait photography, photo-reportage, editorial, fine art print, and content production. He travels across the world, to some of the most remote areas, always drawn by his curiosity, passion, and love for human interactions.


To show the world through his eyes and his photos.


In early 2020, as the global pandemic spreads, he gets back into the ad world.

Today he lives in Brooklyn NY, bakes bread, and tries to make every second of his life absolutely amazing. 


His work is constantly published in magazines and books, both online and offline. Some of his photos are hanging in prestigious galleries, art shows, and collectors' homes around the globe.

  • alefruscellaphoto
  • @alefruscella
  • @alefruscellaincolors
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